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Counsellor | Psychotherapist

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What type of symptoms, behaviours or situations bring people to therapy?

  • Feelings of depression and isolation.
  • Anxiety and/or panic.
  • Not feeling good enough. Self-doubt and/or self-criticism.
  • Self-destructive patterns. Addiction. Maybe you are using a substance to cope. Maybe you have eating issues.
  • Extreme feelings of anger, shame, guilt, sadness or loneliness.
  • You may have suffered a trauma and can’t stop thinking or reliving it.
  • Sexual abuse or domestic violence.
  • A bereavement.
  • Your personal relationships or a significant relationship is proving difficult.
  • Maybe you are experiencing a lack of direction, feelings of boredom or being trapped, a sense that the life you are currently living is in need of change. You may be in the midst of a life crisis.
  • Work related stress. Bullying.

How much do you charge and how long is a session?

I charge €70 and each session lasts 50 minutes.