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How counselling works

We all exhibit patterns of thinking and behaviour that either support or sabotage us. Sometimes, these patterns are so habitual and ingrained that we don’t realise that we have a choice over how we are behaving. If our patterns support us, then everything is fine. But if they don’t, and we are habitually sabotaging ourselves and our relationships, then problems will begin to arise.

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to help you gain awareness of yourself, what you are experiencing, how you are relating to yourself and others. As you continue to attend weekly counselling, increased awareness and connection to self grows, along with the possibility of change. New choices emerge. This can be an exciting and liberating time, but it may also be scary.

As a Gestalt therapist I will support, encourage and work with you as you experience new ways of being. I will also take the time needed to help you integrate them into your life.

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First Session

The first session is an opportunity to get a better sense of whether therapy is right for you. We will explore what is bringing you to therapy, possible directions our work might take and any questions you may have about the process.

You are under no obligation to continue if you decide that therapy is not what you need or if you feel you would prefer to work with a different therapist. If necessary, I may be able to provide a referral to a therapist who could be a better fit for you.

If we both agree to start working together, we will find a day and time that suits us both.

Length of therapy

The duration of therapy varies from person to person, depending on your goals, the nature of the issues being addressed and the pace at which you are willing or able to work through them.

Initially we can agree a set number of sessions, usually 6 sessions. Afterwards, we will review your progress, needs and goals and discuss whether it may be useful for you to continue for a longer period of time. How long you continue is always up to you.